UFO Sightings on the Rise in North Carolina

Derrick Dula was seated on the terrace of his apartment house in Carrboro the night of Jan. 26 when he observed an unspecified thing hovering in the sky. A couple of minutes after, he thought that the suspending object was, in fact, an unidentified flying object (UFO).

“At the start my family simply believed the thing was a ball of fire, however when we halted and pointed at it, the UFO plainly suspended at some point above ground level,” Dula stated

Dula likened his UFO encounter to somewhat out of a “Star Wars” film.

“The object was triangular in shape. It disappeared after a few minutes.”

Dula said that the sister of his spouse, wife, children, and neighbours also saw the UFO.

Dula’s wife, Stacy Dula, claimed the experience lasted for ten to fifteen minutes.

Dula stated his family was shocked by the encounter.

“I have always been unconvinced about unidentified flying objects, but after I went over the internet and carried out a few research, I learned that quite a lot of other persons noticed similar exact UFO that we did,” said Dula. “I have no doubt that it was in fact an unknown flying object.” Observations similar to Dula have happened to be more and more frequent.

In November, another Carrboro man claimed encountering a UFO while weeing on his compost pile.

Peter Davenport, executive of the National UFO Reporting Center, stated there has been a striking rise in UFO rumours since June.

“We have been totally flooded with reports as of late,” said Davenport.

“The centre has gotten two to four times more than usual these past few months.”

According to the National UFO Reporting Center’s website, around 77,000 UFO sightings cumulatively have been reported throughout the globe. Over 1,720 of these reports have come from North Carolina.

Davenport said he is upset because the authority is not taking enough actions to enlighten people regarding UFOs, and he questions whether the authority is concealing data on UFOs from public.

“I would have to talk with a UFO to understand why there have been so many more sightings as of late,” said Davenport.

“But since I have not possessed this sort of interaction up till now, I regrettably have no clarification for the rise.

Davenport has been the director of the centre for eighteen years, and he mentioned he deeply thinks that UFOs are existing.

He presses anybody who recognises UFOs to tell them to the centre.

“We like to know as much information as possible,” he stated.

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