Ghost Hunters Bring With Them the Public for a Paranormal Activity Investigation at Erie Canal Museum

The public has a chance to experience how to conduct and what it feels like doing a ghost hunt while learning the history of Erie Canal Museum. Participants will get a chance to use the latest paranormal equipment while learning how to perform a proper investigation. Shadow Chasers paranormal investigators want to teach the participants the effective way of ghost hunting and for the museum, it is an opportunity to showcase all the best it can offer.

Over 200 years back, the latest in boating technology can be found at the Erie Canal Museum, a popular destination on the Erie Canal. Few weeks ago, the technology is very different, but ghost hunters say they were looking for the ghosts of the past.

Utica-based ghost hunting team Shadow Chasers visited the Erie Canal Museum in September and did an investigation for any paranormal activity. Shadow Chasers wanted to find out the truth about several reports of ghostly voices and figures by workers.

Sean Nelson of Shadow Chasers says they were getting voices and experiencing some occasions were security cameras malfunction.

They say cameras go crazy while they were witnessing significant activity. There were also reports in the past about ghost children playing outside the building and also about translucent man wandering around.

On November 10, 2012, The Erie Canal Museum and Shadow Chasers encouraged the public to do ghost investigations by themselves. The participants were allowed to use the latest equipment for ghost hunting while they were provided informal history lessons on the Erie Canal.

Phil Creighton of Shadow Chasers says that many people try and get into ghost hunting without any mentors. So, their group is trying to show these people the equipment and the proper way of performing a ghost investigation while getting an opportunity to help historic sites.

For the Erie Canal Museum, it is another chance to bring in new people in the museum to promote the best of it through using ghost hunting as the medium.

Natalie Stetson of Erie Canal Museum says that she hopes that the museum will attract more individuals in the future as it is now associated with significant paranormal activity.

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