A Spooky Night at the Athenaeum

October 21 is your lucky day if you want to get some free horror stories or would just want to scavenge a historical building for paranormal activities like ghosts and voices of young girls screaming for help. On this day, starting 11 in the evening down to 7 in the morning, the co-owners and tourist guides of the Historic Indiana Ghost Walks and Tour will hold ghost tour for the first time. It will take place in the Historic Athenaeum building foundation.

Michael Kobrowski, co-owner and tour guide said that it is their first time to conduct an overnight activity in the said establishment despite of the thousands of times they have been there to walk in the theaters lobby during the Chatham Arch Lockerbie Ghost Walk.

He also added that the said house is not the typical house that is often deemed haunted. No one screams at your face nor grabs your feet with cold, scary hand. It is more of a group ghosts investigation. You go there and find evidence and experience it yourself. It will start off by touring the area and telling some of its history. Then people can start sharing weird and unnatural experiences and then spilt up into groups.

The establishment was also used as an autopsy room and medical classes were also held here. Now, if that is not spooky enough for you then the cold and dark night paired with paranormal experiences shared during the event would at least touch those little hair of yours.

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