A ghost caught on photograph in Whittington Hospital

In 2007, a ghost of a boy who is believed to have died centuries ago caught on camera at Whittington Hospital in Highgate. Ghost hunter Leonard Low started to believe that the hospital was haunted and that it has some paranormal activities after capturing the photo of a young boy.

Low visited a friend on the Archway Road Hospital together with a 44-year old anonymous man and then he was informed by a nurse that there was a strange presence inside the 19th century arches under the ground floor. After the information he had received, he immediately packed himself with a camera together with the Whittington administrator to gain access to the underground for paranormal investigation purposes.

The administrator told him that no one has been there for years already. According to Low that as they go down, he observed that the floor was crystallized like snow. They went to 5-6 paces and noticed that there was something moving down the corridor, floating and getting closer with them. He said that the floating apparition was illuminated and it was flashing all over the place. After that, he saw the ghostly image of a young boy, which the nurse was referring. In 15th century, the Whittington Hopital was built by Leper Colony. They said that the hospital possesses many histories since then. Low speculated that the young bow appeared unto them was William, which he believes that the young boy died in 15th century. However, the administrator admitted that there are several reports from staffs claiming that they had witnessed an apparition in the basement. He also said that they are aware of such claims.

Leonard Low experienced paranormal activity even before when her sister past away. He said that just after her sister died, he saw her on a nightgown one night when he was 21 years old. According to him, He gets notified that there is a strange presence near him when he started to feel a pain in his head. He said that the pain was like someone’s pricking a needle into the back of his head and as if his skin knows that there is something near him.

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